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Wi$e Money Week: Estate Planning

Wi$e Money WeekWednesday, April 29@ 10 am

This presentation will explain how to protect your assets while you are alive and how to insure they are distributed according to your wishes after your death.  The discussion will include:  the objectives of Estate Planning, the probate process, key legal documents (wills, power of attorneys, etc.), trusts and taxation. Instructors from the Florida Institute of Certified Public Accountants are offering FREE financial planning workshops. Attendees may participate in this class by registering at the library. For information or to register by phone, call the library at 827-6940.


Transforming Your Aging Brain

Transforming Your Aging BrainTuesday, April 28 @ 3 pm

Neuroscience points to research that the adult brain is able to create new, healthy neurons and synapses as we age. The MMM: Multi-Modal Method utilizes music, movement, manual motion (sign language), and mindful meditation with visualization to enhance memory and create new wiring in the brain, speeding up and improving healthy cognitive, physical, social/emotional and spiritual processes. In this interactive lecture, audience participants will be introduced to the MMM tools that will help them change messages of the past and become more mindful with improved attention, balance, focus, vitality, and intentional communication. This lecture will benefit all boomers/seniors who  are interested in joyful, holistic aging as well as those who are caregivers for elders with dementia and Alzheimer’s. Linda Stoler, MA., CCC-SLP, is a speech language pathologist, transformational educator, poet, songwriter and producer of more than 45 years. Gretchen Espinetti, Ph.D., has been a multicultural educator and researcher for over 30 years in the U.S. and several countries abroad. For more information, call 802-343-2076 or 330-998-1955.


Japanese Anime At Main (J.A.A.M.)

JAAMMonday, April 27 @ 5 pm

Do you love watching anime or reading manga? Tweens, teens, and young twenty-somethings are invited to the monthly meeting of our anime club, where you can meet others with similar interests. Feel free to wear a costume if you’d like and come "JAAM" with us. Refreshments provided by the Friends of the Main Library St. Augustine.



Android User Group

Android User GroupFriday, April 24 @ 11 am

Come join your fellow Android users in this informal user group. Bring your favorite tip or app to share with attendees as well as some questions to pose to the group. Space is limited and sign-ups are required. Don't forget to bring your device.


Finding a Job When Jobs are Hard to Find

Finding a Job When Jobs Are Hard To FindWednesday, April 22 @ 12:30 pm

Jurg Oppliger, author of Finding a Job When Jobs Are Hard to Find, has 15 years of experience in “Outplacement” – helping people who lost jobs find a new one. This presentation will help you prepare for the job search by finding your strong points and how to best express them in your resume. He will also discuss the five ways to get a job and how to successfully handle interviews.  There will be a question and answer period.


Needlework With Friends

Needlework With FriendsMonday, April 20 @ 1:30 pm

Bring your projects -- knit, crochet, needlepoint, or cross stitch and share your love of needlecrafts at the Main Library. This free program is sponsored by the Friends of the Main Library St. Augustine. For more information, contact FOL President, Toni Siriani or contact the library at 827-6940.


Florida Writers Association: Dialogue and How It Works

Florida Writers AssociationSaturday, April 18 @ 10 am

Author Elizabeth Sinclair will be discussing how dialogue is the voice of the characters as they actively engage in conversation within the story. Each character’s voice should be distinctive, a personal signature strong enough to be heard in the reader’s mind. We'll be discussing dialogue, as well as punctuation, should you or should you not use dialect, stimulus and response, tagging the dialogue, and much more. When we're done you'll have your characters conversing in a way that will hold your reader's interest throughout the book. This meeting is sponsored by the FWA/ACC and the Friends of the Main Library St. Augustine. All book sales benefit the Friends of the Library. Doors open at 10am. All meetings are free and open to the public.


Adult Bingo For Books

Adult Bingo For BooksThursday, April 16 @ 3 pm

Do you love free books and playing B-I-N-G-O? Come out to the library, make new friends or bring old friends along, and win adult fiction and non-fiction books. Everyone is guaranteed to go home with at least one book. Book prizes are generously donated by the Friends of the Main Library St. Augustine. Everyone is welcome and it's free.


Silent Peace Meditation

Silent Peace MeditationWednesday, April 15 @ 7 pm

Meditation teacher, Kathleen Roberts, will open the group with a short breathing exercise and lead into a silent meditation, where the participants will think peace. Ms. Roberts has been leading meditation and psychic development groups for over 10 years. Any questions, call Kathleen at 669-1085. Come join us in sending peace to the world.


Eating With Ellen: Eating Well As You Age

Eating With EllenTuesday, April 14 @ 2 pm

Join us for a new monthly nutrition program with registered dietician, Ellen Hawkes, MS, RD.  This month she’ll be discussing how eating well promotes energy, health, and weight.  As your body changes, your nutrition requirements also change. Come and learn easy tips about how you can keep your body in optimal shape as you progress through the different stages of your life.



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