Expanding Ideas: Twenty Years On

The Library System’s Master Plan for Library Facilities through 2020 was originally created in 1998, with an update in 2006. Our current strategic plan will finish up in 2019. Providing St. Johns County residents with inviting, open, and free libraries continues to be our goal. These plans are our guides: everything we do, every service we have, goes back to the needs identified in our strategic planning process. Meanwhile, library use is outpacing the population growth.

In February of this year, the library began working with Cogito, LLC, a consulting firm, to help us develop our next strategic plan and update our Master Plan for Library Facilities. The first step in the process will be to ask our community members what they value about their library, using a public survey tool. What matters most to you? Is it storytimes, computers, programs, or materials? Why do you come to the library? How are we as a system doing in meeting your needs? The Library Advisory Board will use the gathered data, guided by Cogito, to put together SJCPLS’ next strategic plan.

In the coming weeks, I hope you will take a few minutes to complete our public survey, either online through our website or on paper at your local library branch or bookmobile. Your valuable input can lead the library system through the next decade.

Where will we be 20 years from now? It’s hard to predict the future, but we know that libraries need to constantly adapt and change to best suit your needs. We intend to remain a vital part of the St. Johns community and we will use all of our knowledge, experience, and community input to make sure SJCPLS continues to provide the best opportunities for imagination, creativity, engagement, and learning.

Library System Director, Debra Rhodes Gibson