Celebrating Betty Ann Frederick’s SJCPLS Life

Betty’s career at the St. Johns County Public Library System started at our Ponte Vedra Beach Library in 1999 as Branch Manager. Utilizing Betty’s considerable talents, the library system received numerous State grants; some of which funded our Bookmobile and Extension Services programs and assisted in renovations of several library branches.

Her positions also included Assistant Library Director and Extension Services Manager. She worked tirelessly to ensure that all residents in our community had access to their public library. Up to the day she retired in 2013, Betty worked like she had something to prove — first one in and last one to leave!

Betty was instrumental in creating the first Florida Friends of the Bookmobile organization and took on the role of President upon retirement. The Friends of the Bookmobile celebrated its 10th Anniversary in 2019.

We will miss Betty and her endless support for public libraries.

Leslie V. Goode, Senior Library Assistant, Bookmobile-Extension Services