Library Services Out and About

Bookmobiles are a central part of library service. For over 100 years, bookmobiles have served rural, urban, suburban, and tribal areas, bringing access to information and life-long learning resources to all ages and communities.

SJCPLS currently operates two bookmobiles, taking library services on the road, offering books and activities at community events, in neighborhoods without a branch library, and to senior/care/youth facilities. Additionally, Extension Services staff bring customized programming and deposit collections to outlying residents on a regular basis.

Every year, our bookmobiles make hundreds of stops at schools, senior facilities, parks, and other locations throughout St. Johns County, serving thousands of patrons where they live, work, and play. Each bookmobile houses a collection of books and materials specially curated to meet the needs of the neighborhoods and events we serve.

Thanks to the generous support of St. Johns County, our newest bookmobile arrived in May and is now out on the road. The public is welcome at all community stops and special events. Stop in, say hello, and check us out!

On a follow-up note, I want to thank you for taking time to participate in our recent library services survey. We truly value the information you have provided. By participating in this survey, you made your voices heard and are helping shape the future of SJCPLS. The compiled results of the survey will be share in a future newsletter.

Library System Director, Debra Rhodes Gibson